About TCL Marketing

TCL Marketing is a full-service agency dedicated to transparent client relationships and strategies that exceed marketing goals. We’re large enough to conquer all of our client’s needs and expectations and small enough to care for each, individually.

We’re experienced, detailed and dedicated.

The lifeline of our success depends upon transparent client relationships, attention to detail, utilizing technology for efficiency and a successful campaign execution.
We’re an asset, not an expense for our clients.



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We’re a diverse, cross-discipline team of marketing experts, designers, writers, developers, finance gurus, media auditors and investigators who expect excellence in all aspects of our client marketing campaigns. Our collaborative efforts and broad range of experience allow each team member to uniquely contribute to the success of every campaign.

TCL persists as a marketing leader without the impersonal service and frustrations of working with a large, corporate agency. Our commitment to strong client relationships and transparency will continue to be the driving force in our work, and our client-centric service model remains steadfast.

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Our Services

Effective marketing is created by combining well-planned strategies that produce measurable results. Our turn-key services include:

Digital Media

With the rapid expansion of online and digital marketing comes confusion on how, when and where to spend for optimal performance. TCL clears the smoke and provides innovative, ROI- producing-solutions.

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Traditional Media

Newspaper, brochures, sell sheets, folders, business cards & much more.
Direct Mail ∙ TV ∙ Outdoor ∙ Print

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Geographic Information Systems

GIS is a framework for gathering, managing and analyzing data and displaying that data in a detailed, easy-to-interpret visual product or map. Through comparing data and geographic location, our clients are well informed to make important decisions.

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Market Analysis

Our team of researchers, account managers and strategists organize and define the marketing wants and needs of our clients and calculate the best tactics to achieve their goals.

Client Management

From start to finish, our client management team does the research and legwork to create the best possible marketing experience for our clients.


We create robust annual and monthly marketing budgets and calendars, easily accessed by our clients in real-time on any connected device. TCL clients monitor their budgets and see where every penny spent has gone.

Creative Design & Development

TCL offers our clients the highest quality in result-producing creatives. Each and every campaign, both digital and traditional, is uniquely designed and created by our team of marketing experts.

Media Buying

As champions of all media, we use a combination of innovative solutions, proven marketing tactics and vehicles to assist our clients in achieving their marketing goals.

ROI Reporting

We gather, track and report the return on investment. This information is pertinent to the success of current campaigns and the direction of future campaigns. What used to work may no longer be viable.


Our accounting team offer our clients detailed, itemized invoices that are easily understood. By providing clearly labeled lists of campaign charges and fees, our clients always know what they’re being charged for, and why.

Client Customer Communication Center

Our Client Customer Communication Center AKA “4C” specializes in handling inbound and outbound phone calls, texts and emails that come in as a result of our campaigns…even after our clients have gone home for the day.


By surveying active customers and those who did not ultimately make a purchase, our clients can see an overview of their strengths and weaknesses from their customers’ point of view.

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